HyBatt Truck: Emission-free H2 fuel cell drive

Clean Logistics is receiving strong support from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (BMVI) for the conversion of 40-ton semi-trailer trucks into HyBatt Trucks with fuel cell drives.

The first HyBatt Trucks have a range of 400 to 500 km, using onboard hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 45 kg per truck based on H35 technology (H2 gas at a pressure of 350 bar).

Depending on configuration and customer requirements, the subsequent series-production vehicles will have a significantly longer range.

Conversion to HyBatt Truck in Detail

Conversion to a hydrogen hybrid drive is carried out at the Clean Logistics plant in Winsen (Luhe) and by certified partners in Germany and other European countries.

After dismantling the diesel and auxiliary units from the semi-trailer truck and shipping the old parts to outsourcing partners, modular conversion to hydrogen operation takes place.

At the end of the process, the HyBatt Truck is tested and certified for road use, and thereafter delivered to the customer. Clean Logistics and its selected partner companies guarantee all necessary service activities during ongoing operations.