Watch the world premiere of our hydrogen zero emission truck.

Kick-off for the Clean Logistics Academy


To familiarize the participants with the chemical element hydrogen and its properties - that was the declared goal of the three-day event. Mission accomplished - because the participants were enthusiastic about the comprehensive insight into hydrogen technology and the way in which the knowledge was imparted.

Automotive mechatronics technicians, automotive master craftsmen and vocational school teachers were taught the basics of hydrogen as well as hydrogen storage and hydrogen safety in workshops. The acquired knowledge was deepened in various experiments: The participants produced hydrogen themselves, converted it in a fuel cell and were also able to experience the fire behavior of hydrogen live – of course under the necessary safety precautions.

There was "hydrogen to touch" at the event - in numerous experiments, but also in our exhibits, such as the hydrogen T5, a Toyota Mirai as well as a fuel cell model. In this way, the distance to the element hydrogen could be sustainably reduced, and at the same time the participants achieved the recognition of the qualification levels S, 1S, and 2S according to BGHM-099 through the training.

As a supplier of zero-emission trucks and buses, we were able to place a further focus due to our many years of experience in this area: Thus, there was intensive discussion both about possible applications in vehicles and about the hydrogen infrastructure needed for zero-emission heavy-duty transport.

The event was held as part of the "h2Skills" project of the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Stade Chamber of Skilled Crafts.

It was a successful start for our Academy: In the coming months we will be offering a comprehensive training and further education program on hydrogen and high-voltage and fuel cell technology in motor vehicles. More information is available on the CL Academy page.